Welcome to Wave Trail

The simple and elegant project management software for web professionals, designed to help your workflow, not hinder it.

Wave Trail, project manager screen shot
  • Projects

    A project manager would be nothing without projects, so naturally Wave Trail revolves around projects

  • Tasks and Sub Tasks

    Each project can be split down in to manageable tasks, which in turn can be split down even further with sub tasks

  • Time Tracker

    Accurately track time spent on tasks with our built in time tracker

  • User Management

    For those with multiple users, we have an in-depth user management system

  • Small or Large

    Got a large team? You can assign team leaders to each project

  • Responsibility

    You can assign tasks to individual members of your team

  • Built in Messaging

    Use our lightning fast messaging system to send messages to your whole team, a small group or individual members

  • Dropbox

    Manage and share necessary files with your team, with Dropbox integration

A glimpse at what is still to come:

  • Invoicing

    We are working on integrating a full invoicing system

  • Checklists

    Checklists for when that well managed project is ready to go live

  • Productivity

    Some beautiful charts and graphs to analyse your teams productivity

  • Git Integration

    Keep everything up to date and together with Git integration

  • Do you need a particular feature? Send us an email: Feature Request, or send us a quick tweet: @wave_trail